Established in 2013


Hivecom is a gaming community run by folks from all around the world. We're a constantly growing group open to those willing to join. Our servers were initially hosted locally, but as sub communities and friends of friends joined we started building more advanced systems. As mentioned, people from all around the world are known visitors of our servers. The range goes from countries like New Zealand, over to all of Europe and across to North America.

Where to find us?
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About us

The community was originally created by the three server administrators: Catlinman, Jokler and Trif. All three started hosting a server back in 2013 on a local machine but the growing demand for a better connection and 24/7 uptime made them reconsider this small hosting plan. They later on that year went over to actually acquiring a dedicated Teamspeak server from Fragnet but later on switched to what is now a server entirely run and managed for Hivecom in itself.


In retrospect

Hivecom wouldn't be anything without its members though. The server now has a total of about 400 registered members and is constantly growing. We're incredibly thankful for what we have now considering this all started with three friends getting together to chat and hang out.

Stay awesome!

Join us on teamspeak

If you feel like chatting with us or inviting your friends into a private channel, we've got space for you.

Ask a moderator to register you and create a private channel for you.

Becoming registered can be done quite fast. You can just ask. The moderator or administrator should then ideally assign you to the registered server group allowing you to enter the main area of the Hivecom Teamspeak server.